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The way we communicate with others
and with ourselves ultimately determines
the quality of our lives. Tony Robbins

                   News               Updated 1/29/21

January 2021 - We held our 1st ever video conference  for our Midwinter Meeting.
July 2020 - We did not have our Annual Meeting due to the plandemic.


NYALPA at 2019 National Convention

 Members Elected:

 Kevin Harrington - President



       Category   Place      Publication Name                    Editor / Submitted by

           A1          1              The Legion - Air                       James Bojanowski

           B-1        1              The Bugle                                 Richard M. Ambrosino

                         2              Marne Post 270                        Shirley Connolly

           B-2        1              The Greenlawn Bugle                   Robert Santo

           B-3        1              REVEILLE                              Paul Steward / Diana Steward

           C-1        1               Richard M. Ambrosino

           D-1        1              Come DISCOVER,                       John Grotke /
                                         Stay for the CHARM                         Diana Steward         
                                         in REVEILLE

                         2              Women's Suffrage -                        Dorolyn Perry /
                                         in Post 1645 News                         Nancy Scherer

           H           1              
Public Relations                             Kenneth G. Kraetzer
Person of the Year                   Sons of the American Legion

           I-1         1            Richard M. Ambrosino
                                            MerrickPost 1282

           I-3         1        Sons of The American Legion Radio     Kenneth G. Kraetzer
                                  A Program of Squadron 135



 NYALPA at 2018 National Convention

Members Elected:
  • Bob Stronach, Vice President
  • Kevin Harrington, Director

NYALPA Annual Meeting and Awards Luncheon
2018 ‘Best Paper’ & Communication Contest Award Winners


Category A – No entries

Category B – Post Publications - Past Department Presidents Award

Category B1 - First Place:  Marne Post 270 - Editor: Shirley Connolly

Category B1 - Second Place: The Bugle - Editor: Richard M. Ambrosino

 Category B2 - First Place:  The Greenlawn Bugle - Editor: Robert Santo 

          Category B3 – No entries

Category C – Website -    Past Detachment Commanders Award

          Category C1 - First Place: - Webmaster: Richard M. Ambrosino

Category C3 - First Place:  - Webmaster: Gabe Cinquegrana

Category D – Editorial – No entries - Michael J. Kogutek, PNC

Category E – Scrap Book– No entries - Phyllis Bachman, PNP Award

Category F – Miscellaneous– No entries - Christopher R. Cerullo, PNC

Category G – Public Relations– No entries - Fang A. Wang, PNP Award

Category H – Social Media

First Place:  - Webmaster: Richard M. Ambrosino

Category I– Visual Media

First Place: John Gray - Anchor: WTEN ABC Channel 10

           Submitted by Jeff French Minkler-Seery American Legion Post #252


NYALPA at 2017 National Convention
Members re-elected: Kevin Harrington, Vice President, Bob Stronach, Director.
President Trump signed a law requiring the VA hospital to respond to appeals in a timely manner.


Only Categories (letters) and sub-categories (numbers) with winners (in blue) are listed.

A. County/District Publications Past Department Commanders Award           

     1. American Legion 300 or more members

1st:  The Legion-Air Erie County American Legion - James Bojanowski Editor

B. Post Publications Past Department Presidents Award
1. American Legion Posts 15-150 members

1st: American Legion Marne Post 270 Newsletter - Shirley Connolly, Editor
2nd: The Bugle - Merrick Post 1280 - Richard M. Ambrosino, Editor

     2. American Legion Posts 151-300 members

1st: Greenlawn Bugle American Legion Greenlawn Post 1244 - Robert Santo, Editor


     3. American Legion Posts over 300 members

1st: Reveille Hamburg Post 527 - Paul Steward, Editor

2nd: The Bugle Seeley B. Parish Post 457 - Barb Kesel


C. Website Past Detachment Commanders Award
1. American Legion (Post/County/District/Department)      

1st: - Richard M. Ambrosino, Webmaster


D. Editorial Michael J. Kogutek PNC Award
1. Written by a member in organization publication

     1st: Home at Last - Editorial in Post 1645 News - Dorolyn Perry, Editor


F. Miscellaneous - Christopher R. Cerullo, PNC Award
    1. Any publication from any affiliated organization not covered in other categories

      1st: Sons of The American Legion Radio, Squadron 135 - Kenneth G. Kraetzer, Director

 Submit by May 10

If any member is interested in running for an office,
receiving an appointment or nominating another member,
please email us at:
attn: Nominations Chairperson Anne Harrington

NYALPA at 2016 National Convention

Members Elected:
  • Kevin Harrington, Vice President
  • Bob Stronach, Director

Many thanks for representing NY:

  • Priscilla Imburgia, President;
  • Lynda Pixley, Vice President



Award Winners:

Annual NALPA Best Media Contest Winners:

George W. Hooten Award
Category 1 A -  Department over 40,000 members

3rd Place:        Department of New York
Publication:      Department of New York, Editor Robert Stronach

Category 1 B -  Department under 40,000 members

3rd Place:        Detachment of New York
Publication:      The Liberty , Editor Gabe Cinquegrana

Mary B Howard Award
Category 5 - Department Website

3rd Place:        Department of New York
Website: , Web Master Robert Stronach